PG&E Effectively Elevates Small Business Customer Satisfaction

Through strategic campaigns and innovative marketing, Pacific Gas and Electric Company is intentionally striving to enhance its small business customer relationships. In 2023, the utility placed an emphasis on connecting with small businesses through its annual Optimal Rate campaign that saved their SMB customers $9.6 Million dollars. PG&E’s approach included expanded outreach efforts, multi-channel marketing strategies, and dedicated technologies. Attend this session to learn how PG&E’s campaign improved customer sentiment, bolstered savings for small businesses, and generated a notable uptick in customer satisfaction ratings. This effort earned Chartwell’s Gold Best Practices Award in the category of Serving Business Customer this year.

  • Alicia Romer, Sr. Manager, Small Business Engagement , Pacific Gas & Electric Company
With over 17 years of utility experience, Alicia Romer started her career as an SMB Account rep at PG&E. Since then, she’s held a variety of leadership roles- Fresno division, AG Supervisor, Institutional Supervisor and AG Manager. In 2020, she accepted her current role as the Sr. Manager of the Small Business Engagement team, leading a team of 20 dedicated reps serving the small business sector. She made the decision to change to the Small Business Sector when the pandemic started, as small businesses were struggling and wanted to make a difference to help in their recovery. Since then, PG&E has launched three no-cost solution programs to help their customers in the COVID-19 recovery process.  In addition, the team is also responsible in conducting proactive outreaches to help their customers save (i.e. optimal rate, energy efficiency and budget billing campaigns). She is proud of what her team has accomplished over the last few years to help provide resources and innovative solutions to their SMB customer segment.


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