The Chartwell

Organizational Resilience Executive Council

Building Utility Resilience Together

What is it?

Resilience represents the ability of a utility to withstand and recover from adverse conditions and its capacity to adapt and thrive amidst challenges. The Chartwell Organizational Resilience Executive Council (OREC) looks at how utilities identify and address the challenges that impact business operations, supply chain, IT, customer service, workforce management, and financial systems.

As part of this utility-only council, executive-level industry leaders discuss shared challenges and best practices in areas including organizational alignment, all-hazards emergency management, wildfire risk, business continuity and disaster recovery, cyber and physical security, stakeholder engagement, and situational awareness channels.

Why join?

  • Share ideas and experiences with executive-level peers
  • Address industry challenges
  • Identify and address emerging threats
  • Develop and define best practices
  • Generate effective strategies to mitigate increasing hazards
  • Determine solutions in a collaborative, utility-only environment

How does it work?

OREC brings utility executives together monthly to tackle pressing industry challenges, exchange best practices, and develop effective strategies to navigate the rising threats of extreme weather and critical events.

The members and leadership of OREC will create a living document of best practices on the most pressing topics related to organizational resilience.

Members will meet in person annually at the site of Chartwell’s PowerUp Conference for a full day of sessions across prioritized topics.


Organizational Resilience Strategy

Stay up-to-date on organizational resilience strategies, solutions, and best practices from across North America


Executive-Level Collaboration

Build a network of utility-exclusive executive-level peers you can engage in confidential discussions about organizational resilience


Documented Best Practices

Collaborate with Chartwell’s utility industry experts to create a “living document” of Organizational Resilience best practices your utility can implement

Utility Emergency Management: Rising to the Challenge

Chartwell Executive Issues Papers | No. 05

This report is one of a series of executive papers discussing the key learnings from Chartwell research.

Improving Emergency Management (EM) is paramount for utilities facing increased risks from a host of threats that continue to grow in frequency, complexity, and severity. From mega-wildfires, superstorms, and other climate-related catastrophes to cybersecurity and physical attacks, these threats require utilities to adapt and improve their strategies to minimize operational disruption and customer dissatisfaction.

While standardized EM structures have their merits, Chartwell research indicates there is no one-size-fits-all solution that can meet the needs of all utilities. Critical to success is tailoring a flexible solution that meets the needs of the organization and at a price that values the impact on customers.

Other Executive Issue Papers include Improving Resiliency: Challenges and Opportunities, and more.

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Our membership services can help your utility identify strategies to impact customer experience and operational efficiency: A research subscription to our Insight Center membership allows unlimited access to hundreds of research reports, case studies, benchmarks, webinars, and more. Our peer-to-peer Leadership Councils, focused on customer-facing areas such as billing, outage, CX, vulnerable customers, EVs, and business customers, provide a collaborative, utility-only peer network. Our post-event transactional benchmarking study called Tranzact enables utilities to compare their customers’ outage experience perception with peer utilities. Chartwell Advisory Services and Executive Services provide leadership development with industry experts.

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