CURI Research Center

Ultimate Preparation Through Data-Driven Decisions

The CURI Research Center aims to pioneer the future of utility resilience and outage management.

Unlike Chartwell’s Insight Center, which centers on enhancing customer experience through billing, payment systems, and marketing strategies, the CURI Research Center delves into utility resilience’s strategic and tactical aspects.

Here’s why our content stands out:

Comprehensive Outage Management. Our research spans the entire outage lifecycle—from strategic planning to rapid response, restoration, and post-event analysis. We equip utilities with cutting-edge insights to handle outages efficiently and effectively.

Advanced Communication Strategies. While the CURI Research Center and the Insight Center provide valuable content on outage communications, our center will include additional content where communication intersects with readiness, vegetation management, emergency management and resilience.

Organizational Resilience. Resilience represents not just the ability of the business to withstand and recover from adverse conditions but also the capacity to adapt and thrive amidst challenges. Our research is focused on long-term resilience planning and design, integrating the latest technologies and strategies. Our goal is to help utilities build business systems and processes that are robust, adaptive, and capable of continuous improvement in response to evolving threats and conditions.

Proactive Mitigation and Prevention. Our unique approach includes proactive outage mitigation and prevention strategies like distribution automation and vegetation management. By anticipating and addressing potential issues before they escalate, we help utilities maintain uninterrupted service and enhance overall reliability.

Future Trends and Innovations. Stay ahead of the curve with our forward-looking research on future trends in outage management and resilience. We explore the latest advancements in AI, machine learning, and other technologies, helping utilities prepare for the future of grid management.

At CURI, we are dedicated to empowering utilities with the knowledge and tools they need to achieve unparalleled resilience and efficiency. Join us to explore a wealth of content that drives innovation, enhances operational excellence, and ensures a reliable future for the utility industry.

Benchmark Reports: Our reports contain the performance metrics you need to build business cases and learn how other utilities are performing in key focus areas. 

Case Studies: Best practice case studies are deep dives into innovative projects at utilities across the country that show demonstrated improvements in customer satisfaction or cost reductions. 

Webinars: Hear directly from your peers as they present their knowledge on a particular topic or project and answer questions.

Plus infographics, datasheets, and more!

Areas of Focus Include:
  • Emergency Management and Drills
  • Strategy Development
  • Infrastructure Design and Upgrades
  • Long-Term Resilience Planning
  • Predicting Impacts
  • Pre-Positioning and Integrating Crews
  • Automated Systems
  • Outage Response
  • Restoration
  • Pre-Outage Communications
  • Mid-Outage Communications
  • Post-Outage Communications
  • Post-Event Surveys
  • Analysis and Feedback
  • Post-Event Grid Hardening
  • Continuous Improvement

Chartwell Services

Our membership services can help your utility identify strategies to impact customer experience and operational efficiency: A research subscription to our Insight Center membership allows unlimited access to hundreds of research reports, case studies, benchmarks, webinars, and more. Our peer-to-peer Leadership Councils, focused on customer-facing areas such as billing, outage, CX, vulnerable customers, EVs, and business customers, provide a collaborative, utility-only peer network. Our post-event transactional benchmarking study called Tranzact enables utilities to compare their customers’ outage experience perception with peer utilities. Chartwell Advisory Services and Executive Services provide leadership development with industry experts.

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