Chartwell's Utility Research Institute

Improving Resilience Against Increasing Threats

Pioneering the Future of the Resilient Utility

Through collaborative research, group problem-solving, workshops, and impactful networking events, Chartwell’s Utility Research Institute (CURI) helps identify solutions and develop benchmarks and best practices that make the industry more resilient against threats and more responsive to customer needs before, during, and after disruptive events.


Enhance customer experience and operational efficiency amidst a range of threats, including natural disasters, cyber-attacks, and aging infrastructure


The institute is dedicated to supporting individuals and fostering collaboration, research, and the adoption of best practices


Mitigate risks and improve responsiveness to customer needs during disruptive events through technological innovation and policy advocacy

Customized CURI Membership Options

Chartwell will work with you to carefully curate the CURI product package that best meets your utility’s growing resilience needs.

Tranzact Post-Event Outage Study

Tranzact is a utility-led benchmarking study that combines the results of post-outage transactional surveys from multiple utilities enabling them to compare their customers’ outage experience with peer utilities.

Outage Communications Leadership Council

Chartwell’s Outage Communications Leadership Council enables utility industry professionals to collaborate with industry leaders on the best ways of communicating with customers, employees, and other stakeholders during power outages.

Organizational Resilience Executive Council: OREC

OREC brings utility executives together every month to tackle pressing industry challenges. Exchange best practices and develop effective strategies to navigate the rising threats of extreme weather and critical events.

Emergency Management Leadership Council

Chartwell’s Emergency Management Leadership Council enables utility industry professionals to discuss innovative emergency management approaches that go beyond traditional storm response to address “all hazards,” organizational alignment, and other critical topics.

CURI Research Center

Chartwell’s Utility Resilience Institute Research Center delves into the strategic and tactical aspects of utility resilience.

Chartwell Services

Our membership services can help your utility identify strategies to impact customer experience and operational efficiency: A research subscription to our Insight Center membership allows unlimited access to hundreds of research reports, case studies, benchmarks, webinars, and more. Our peer-to-peer Leadership Councils, focused on customer-facing areas such as billing, outage, CX, vulnerable customers, EVs, and business customers, provide a collaborative, utility-only peer network. Our post-event transactional benchmarking study called Tranzact enables utilities to compare their customers’ outage experience perception with peer utilities. Chartwell Advisory Services and Executive Services provide leadership development with industry experts.

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