EMACS WEBINAR SERIES: Beyond the Breakers – Proactive Planning and Drilling for Infrequent Energy Emergencies

Date: Thursday, September 7th Time: 2 – 3 PM ET **As part of our EMACS series, this webinar is complimentary.** In an increasingly unpredictable world, energy utilities are grappling with the challenge of maintaining reliable services during unforeseen crises. The question is no longer "if" these infrequent energy emergencies will occur, but "when". The responsibility falls on us, the utilities, to be adequately prepared and have well-rehearsed contingency plans in place. This webinar, "Beyond the Breakers: Proactive Planning and Drilling for Infrequent Energy Emergencies," will delve into the crucial subject of load shedding as a response to these emergencies. Load shedding, the deliberate shutdown of electric power in parts or sections of a power-distribution system, is often the last line of defense to prevent widespread blackouts during extreme conditions. However, the process isn't as straightforward as flipping a switch. It involves intricate planning, precision, communication, and even more crucially, the understanding and cooperation of the public. During this webinar, we will explore the following:
  • Best Practices: Hear from leading utilities that have successfully managed load shedding during energy emergencies. Understand their strategies, what worked, what didn't, and lessons learned.
  • Public Engagement: Discover effective communication strategies to engage the public before, during, and after load shedding events, mitigating the negative impact and building trust in your organization.
  • Simulation Drills: Find out how to design and implement load shedding drills to prepare your team for real-life situations. We'll provide insights on creating realistic scenarios, analyzing performance, and improving crisis response.
By the end of this webinar, participants will have gained valuable insights and practical tools to better prepare for, manage, and communicate about load shedding events. Whether you're an established utility facing increasing climate challenges or a newer player navigating grid management, join us to turn infrequent energy emergencies into opportunities for resilience and reliability.
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Moderator & Speaker

Tim Melton
Senior Consultant, Chartwell
Paul Watkins
CX Strategist, Message Broadcast