Transforming Utility Communications: Integrating Virtual Assistants with Advanced AI for Exceptional Customer Engagement

Date: Thursday, July 11th

Time: 2 - 3 PM ET

**As part of our Featured Partner Series, this webinar is complimentary.**

Join us for an exclusive follow-up webinar where Paul Watkins from Message Broadcast and Chris Huff from revisit and expand upon the AI technologies presented at the PowerUp conference. This session will feature compelling demos, including ChatGPT and Computer Vision AI, showcasing how these technologies create highly engaging and effective virtual assistants.

Discover how to seamlessly integrate these tools with workflow and business rules to achieve outstanding results. Through practical examples and success metrics, learn strategies for leveraging AI to enhance operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. Don’t miss this opportunity to see how AI can transform the communication strategy for your utility. This webinar is brought to you by Message Broadcast and

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Paul Watkins
Director of Product Management and Strategy, Message Broadcast
Chris Huff