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Utility Emergency Management: Rising to the Challenge

This report is one of a series of papers discussing the key learnings from Chartwell research.

In its recent study, “The Great Balancing Act: Transitioning to the new energy ecosystem,” Chartwell gathered insights from more than 70 utility customer executives on a broad range of pressing priorities and future challenges, as well as strategies to achieve customer centricity, increase customer satisfaction, improve operational excellence, and create brand loyalty.

Utilities that fail to act can expect increased scrutiny from customers, regulators, legislators, and investors, at a time when the industry faces greater pressures to keep rates affordable, operate more efficiently, achieve clean energy goals, capitalize on new growth opportunities from electrification and renewables, and increase customer loyalty.

Strategies based on a thorough emergency plan, modern information technology, and reliable communications channels have helped utilities reduce the impact of increasingly impactful outage events.

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