Moments of Truth: Resolving Customer Pain Points through Journey Mapping


Learn how to incorporate journey mapping into your CX ecosystem to identify customer expectations, effort, emotions and pain points that will enable you to make it easy and pleasant to do business with your company.  This session will focus on how to prepare for and conduct journey mapping in your organization to improve your customers journeys, build support for your CX improvements and validate research assumptions.  Attendees will leave with an understanding of the fundamentals and benefits of journey mapping along with insights from case studies on residential program enrollments and commercial outage communications.


Speaker: John Bord

Manager of Customer Experience, Tucson Electric Power
John is responsible for understanding the company’s residential, multicultural, and commercial customers through primary research initiatives, market segmentation, journey mapping and business intelligence. John leads CX efforts to identify and remove customer pain points across customer interactions in energy efficiency programs, renewables, billing and payments, managed business accounts, transmission and distribution, customer service and call center communications.