Entergy’s Journey to Enhanced Efficiency for Outage Communications

Entergy is committed to delivering timely outage communications tailored to customer preferences during critical moments. With the challenge of increasing severe weather and evolving expectations, the team focused on improving emergency outage communications in late 2022, identifying four key process areas for enhancement. Nine months later, Entergy’s efforts resulted in an 82% reduction in message cycle times, a 72% increase in customer reach, and heightened satisfaction among customers and employees. This presentation will delve into common utility patterns and highlight the benefits of an end-to-end problem-solving approach. Entergy’s exceptional efforts earned Chartwell’s Gold Best Practices Award in Outage Communications this year, recognizing the company’s impactful achievements.

Speaker: Shantel Johnson, Sr. Manager, Marketing, Entergy
Shantel Johnson is a seasoned marketing professional with over 20 years of experience in the field. Currently serving as the Senior Manager of Marketing at Entergy, Shantel excels at leading teams responsible for crafting innovative marketing strategies, optimizing marketing operations, and developing direct customer communications specifically tailored for emergency events. 
Noteworthy, Shantel successfully transitioned from the healthcare industry to the utilities sector two years ago, bringing a unique perspective to her marketing approach.
Shantel holds an MBA and a Bachelor of Science in Marketing. Her expertise has been recognized by the Louisiana Hospital Association through her achievement as Marketer of the Year.
As a dynamic speaker, Shantel has delivered engaging and motivating talks on a range of topics, including marketing strategy and personal development.


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