Alabama Power’s Outage Alerts Program Leverages Technology for the Benefit of the Customer, 2021 Chartwell Award Winner

In 2019, Alabama Power employees designed, developed and deployed an application that integrates outage management system processes, customer communications and survey feedback into a one-stop solution designed to improve customer communications during power outages. The application, called Outage Alerts, provides customers with timely, accurate and personalized information about the status of their power outages – including the cause and the estimated time of repair (ETR).

This project is part of an ongoing effort to better serve customers and leverage technology to their satisfaction.

In this session, Alabama Power’s Outage Communications team, which won Chartwell’s 2021 Best Practices Bronze Award in Outage Communications for its enhancements, will discuss:  

-How the company’s multifunctional team worked together to develop a process for gathering accurate information and relaying it effectively to customers.
-The internally built post-outage survey and analysis design and process.
-How Alabama Power employees helped ensure program success by participating in the pilot and providing feedback.
-The results of the enhancements, which include increased customer satisfaction and brand trust and reduced call volume.


–Julie McCormick, Information System Analyst, Alabama Power

–Wayne Boone, Principal, Alabama Power