Improving CSAT and Reducing Costs with a Focused Bill Redesign

When Tucson Electric Power determined that customers would be more satisfied with a redesigned and more useful bill, the company explored Chartwell research, customer focus group findings and other utility bill designs to deliver a new, easy-to-read bill with enhanced messaging and data. After successful testing and implementation, the new bill has been welcomed by residential and commercial customers, resulting in an overall CSAT increase as well as positive gains in bill-specific satisfaction numbers. TEP took home Chartwell’s 2019 Gold Billing and Payment Award for its comprehensive, cross-functional effort.

Attend this webinar to learn how TEP leveraged technology to reduce costs and improve the customer experience.


  • John Bord, Manager of Insights & Innovations, Tucson Electric Power
    John Bord is Manager of Customer Experience at Tucson Electric Power.  He is accountable for analyzing and understanding the company’s residential and commercial customers through primary research initiatives, market segmentation and business intelligence.  John supports customer-facing business units to enhance the customer experience for energy efficiency programs, new product development, business communications, billing and payments, renewables, transmission and distribution, customer service and call center communications.
  • Linda Tiarks, Customer Information Supervisor, Tucson Electric Power
    As a Customer Information Supervisor, Linda partners with business areas to meet their Customer Information System demands as they support electric and gas utility customers. After spending nearly 30 years working in the IT utility industry supporting a wide variety of initiatives, Linda understands business strategy, planning, direction and application of technology to meet the needs of business areas.