Credit card fees – the Endgame?

By Noah Solomon, Research Manager –

In Avengers: Endgame, the Avengers and their allies must unite to fight a final battle to restore the world to a sense of normalcy and undo the damage caused by the villainous Thanos.

Just as the Infinity Stones reset the reality and expectations of the world itself, non-utility companies have set expectations for credit card usage as fast, easy and fee-less, creating friction when their utility company is one of the few in their lives that does charge a fee. Many utilities are currently pursuing potentially reducing or removing this fee to try to make themselves easier to do business with and make gains in customer satisfaction. For some this removal of the fee is the endgame for card payments.

Chartwell’s new report (Chartwell login required) on the trends and opportunities to be found in the credit card fee space for utilities discusses these potential gains, the state of credit card fees in the industry and strategies of utilities which have successfully removed the credit card fees for their customers. If you or anyone else at your utility is interested in finding a way to pursue your own endgame on credit card fees, download the report today!