TECO Reduces Costs & Increases Ease-of-Use with Outage Reporting Enhancements, 2021 Chartwell Award Winner

In 2020, equipped with a corporate strategic initiative to improve the customer experience and its J.D. Power standings, TECO focused its continued improvement efforts on the company’s outage-related web offerings.

The company, which won Chartwell’s 2021 Best Practices Silver Award in Outage Communications for its enhancements, addressed several challenges throughout 2020 and implemented the following improvements:

-Greater MyAccount controls during storm restoration

-Seamless, consistent outage reporting experiences

-Mobile-friendly functionality customers have come to expect

-Additional options that make outage reporting easier

In this session, attendees will learn how TECO identified and completed complementary initiatives that could be worked in parallel to achieve the following results:

-Increased percentage of outages reported via self-service channels and an accompanying decrease in calls to live agents

-Improved accuracy of outage reporting

-Reduced costs and dependencies on third-party backup solutions


Jasmine Bennett, Program Manager of Digital Customer Experience, TECO

Donnie Ware, Manager of the Digital Customer Experience, TECO