SDG&E’s Climate Analytics Platform Provides Real-Time Data on Wildfire Threats

To address the ongoing danger of wildfires, San Diego Gas & Electric developed its climate analytics platform, named Wildfire Next Generation System (WiNGS), to assist in protecting communities from wildfire threats by optimizing operational planning and prioritizing wildfire prevention efforts. The platform is a virtual tool that combines visual representations of infrastructure assets and real-time data from the utility’s wildfire prevention efforts. The platform models climate scenarios, predicts outcomes, recommends actions to mitigate the effects, and plans an efficient response to wildfires and climate change. Through the platform, SDG&E is able to optimize wildfire mitigation strategies, especially during high-risk weather events when every second counts.  This project won Chartwell’s Silver Best Practices Award in Outage Operations.


Cameron Carroll, Group Product Manager – Digital Innovation, SDG&E

Cameron Carroll is the Group Product Manager leading the Digital Innovation group, leading emerging technologies at San Diego Gas & Electric and SoCalGas. Cameron has been in the utility industry in Business Solutions and IT for over 10 years. Cameron currently responsible for Innovation Lab, Image Analytics, Digital Twin, and Extended Reality. Cameron has had the opportunity to work in innovation and cloud which has been rewarding to see the value that technology and collaboration can unlock. Cameron holds a BA in business administration and MA in organizational change management.

Joaquin Sebastian Peral, SDG&E Enterprise Data Scientist, Advanced Risk Analytics, SDG&E

Joaquin Sebastian Peral is a data science expert with more than 10 years of experience analyzing large and diverse data sets. Currently, he is leading San Diego Gas & Electric’s Advanced Risk Analytics team to deliver exceptional data insights that fuel safety, innovation and business growth. Furthermore, Joaquin’s proficiency in statistical modeling, machine learning and his innate sense of curiosity has enabled him to work across various sectors, such as renewable energy, utilities, and IT. He holds a master’s degree in mechanical engineering from the Universidad Politecnica de Valencia in Spain and is passionate about utilizing data to create innovative solutions in the wildfire and climate change space.

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