Lessons on Keeping Your Business Customers Happy from California and Georgia

Business customers are a make-or-break opportunity for utilities, with the potential for significant success or failure. While they contribute a substantial portion of operating revenue, their distinct characteristics, expectations, and demands differ from residential customers. Factors like pricing, electrification, political influence, and support needs vary for each customer. Drawing on his extensive experience serving key customers nationwide, Tomaso, a seasoned professional in leadership and frontline roles, will offer precise tactical advice. Join to learn how to foster strong business customer relationships and deliver exceptional service, ensuring brand protection and customer-centricity.


Tomaso Giannelli – Key Account Manager, Georgia Power Company

Tomaso has more than 20 of experience at two of the largest electric utilities in the United States, much of it focused on serving business customers. During his tenure at Southern California Edison, he had the opportunity to work in several offices and departments. Through discipline and dedication, he ascended through the ranks from meter reader to a senior manager. In his current role at Georgia Power, Tomaso is a Key Account Manager for Municipalities and K-12 schools in Savannah and Southeast Georgia.


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