ComEd’s Email Welcome Series for New and Relocating Customers

The customer relationship needs to be built on trust and establishing that trust begins on day one. That is why ComEd developed an email welcome series for new and relocating customers. Customers receive the email series shortly after service is activated, and it lays the foundation for a superior customer service experience. It’s the first chance to make a good impression, build value, boost program participation, and create an enduring relationship. A welcome communication is also a good way to answer initial questions so that a customer is less likely to call the call center for assistance. Chartwell analysts named ComEd as the Gold Customer Service Award winner for the development of its Email Welcome Series for new and relocating customers.


Michele Ptaszek, Manager, Customer Education & Marketing, ComEd

Michele Ptaszek is a Marketing and Customer Education Manager at ComEd who for ten years, focused exclusively on raising awareness and promoting participation in the utility’s Energy Efficiency offerings. Currently, she manages a wider breadth of ComEd’s marketing channels including customer email communications, ComEd Marketplace, retail rebates, STEM field trips and community events.

Natalie Staerkel, Sr. Marketing Specialist, ComEd

Natalie Staerkel is a Senior Marketing Specialist at ComEd who brings over 20 years of experience in advertising, retail marketing and process development experience to the team. She currently manages the marketing for ComEd Marketplace and customer- centric email marketing that includes a new customer email welcome series and storm readiness communications.


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