A Utility’s Guide to Pre-Pay Energy Programs

Today’s utility customers expect payment options that give them the flexibility to choose how and when they pay. Enter pre-pay programs, the pay-as-you-go solution that appeals to multiple demographics—from millennials to wealthy individuals—for various reasons. 


Join KUBRA as we share our complete guide to pre-pay energy programs to find out if pre-pay is the right solution for your utility and customers.  


Attend the presentation to learn:  
  • What pre-pay energy is and who primarily benefits from it  
  • How pre-pay supports reliable payments for customers across demographics 
  • Results from successful pre-pay programs 


Speaker: Richard Pickering

National Executive, KUBRA 

Richard is an industry expert in the Utility industry, focusing on improving customer experience, reducing cost, and increasing operational efficiency. Richard has been with KUBRA for five years and has fourteen years of experience in the industry.