Best Practices for Managed Accounts

Date: Wednesday, August 5

Time: 2 - 3 PM ET

Learn how to create trusted relationships with large commercial customers by serving as an advocate for their accounts.

Managed accounts are the most important customers to a utility and they need to see the utility as a partner in their business goals.

Connexus uses its strong relationships with managed accounts to help them achieve their energy goals. Trusted relationships allow Connexus to be involved in energy and facilities planning discussions early and help drive companies to the most efficient solutions. Many large users have significant opportunity to reduce overall usage and implement measures to increase efficiencies.

Utilities should strive to be trusted advisors for their most important customers, managed accounts

Attend this webinar to learn:

  • How Connexus Energy employees connect with key account members for their managed accounts.
  • How these connections led to strong, trusting relationships that have delivered benefits to all involved.
  • Opportunities for reducing the overall usage of managed accounts and adding measures for them to be more efficient.
  • How the relationships built through managed accounts have created more active members that bring Connexus Energy into the planning conversations as early as possible.

Chartwell Facilitator:

  • I.S. Dunklin - Director of Data Analytics and Research, Chartwell Inc.


  • Jennifer Sweeney - Key Account Representative, Connexus
  • Paula Coffey - Key Account Representative, Connexus

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