Game on! How utilities can use gaming for contact center safety training

By Noah Solomon, Senior Research Analyst –

Register for Chartwell’s Feb. 20 webinar to learn how Con Edison leveraged gaming to provide consistent and relevant safety information to more than 750 employees.

Video games are ubiquitous in our modern society. Nearly 70% of Americans play video games and 64% own a gaming device of some sort. With this level of exposure, gaming bubbles up to the top for some utilities looking for new ways to train their customer service representatives (CSRs) in gas safety.

With a large number of CSRs right around the average age of a gamer, Con Edison saw an opportunity to engage these employees in a fresh and relevant way to improve understanding of gas safety. In early 2018, the utility introduced a gas emergency eLearning training game to improve the skills-based call handling of its CSRs. The game has become a staple within the utility’s Customer Operations division and is now serving as a model for use within other areas of the organization. Con Edison took home Chartwell’s Silver Contact Center Award in 2018 for its efforts (Chartwell login required).

Join Chartwell on Feb. 20 to learn how Con Edison designed and implemented this gaming-based engagement program to improve its CSRs’ safety training and knowledge. Perla Lederman, Selection Manager at Con Edison will join us to discuss Con Edison’s success and goals for the future.

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