Making Progress Toward Clean Energy: SMUD’s Clean PowerCity Campaign

SMUD is on a mission to provide 100% carbon-free energy to its customers by 2030. This goal was introduced to customers in 2021 following the direction of SMUD’s Chief Executive Officer, and the results from the campaign’s first year exceeded expectations and created a solid foundation from which to develop the next phases of the campaign. In this second year, SMUD continued to tell the story of why this goal is important to both the utility and the community while showing how SMUD is working to achieve this ambitious goal and encouraging customers to join in. Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) earned the Gold Communications Award for its Clean PowerCity campaign.


Jason Casella, Marketing Supervisor, SMUD

Jason has been planning, creating and implementing all manner of marketing communications and multi-channel advertising campaigns for SMUD for 20 years. He’s had hands-on involvement in SMUD’s major customer-facing initiatives, including the roll out of smart meters, the transition of all customers to Time-of-Day rates, the launch of many new programs and services and, most recently, the Clean PowerCitySM campaigns to support SMUD’s 2030 zero carbon goal.  

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