Powering the future of Mobility: How Total Experience connects Utilities and Electric Vehicles

The electrification of the mobility industry is building a new relationship between customers and utilities. Rightpoint’s Total Experience approach enables the seamless design of customer experiences. Our data-driven methodology dismantles barriers between capabilities and channels, driving the creation of smooth and connected experiences.
In this session, we’ll explore how customer-centric and data-informed experiences are revolutionizing the way we interact with electric vehicles and utilities. Discover how customer experiences powered by EV transformation are changing the way we interact with, learn about, and use our vehicles. From morning routines to daily travel and nightly rest, we’ll discuss the importance of meeting customers where they are, offering frictionless and meaningful experiences along their journey.


Abraham Bhutt, Senior Vice President, Connected Experience, Rightpoint

Abraham leads the Connected Experience solution at Rightpoint. This solution is centered on building customer experiences through an integrated approach across analytics, technology, and design – with data at the core. Abraham and his team curate data within complex organizations to yield insights and drive orchestration of experiences that deliver business outcomes.

Prior to Rightpoint, Abraham had leadership roles at Annalect and OMD, both part of the Omnicom Group, as well as Accenture. He has helped build solutions for clients across the energy, finance, P&C, commercial and health insurance, consumer retail, QSR, CPG, and automotive verticals.

Bill Thompson, Senior Director of Mobility, Rightpoint

Bill Thompson is Senior Director of Mobility at Rightpoint, focused on creating connected experiences that empower humanity across Land, Sea, Air and Virtual environments.

Before Rightpoint, Bill spent 17 years at General Motors, modernizing digital experiences from web, mobile, and In-Vehicle applications. His work in this space has enabled boundless new applications for customers both inside and outside the vehicle.

Additionally, Bill is a Lecturer at the University of Michigan focused on Customer Experience Design for the Automotive Industry. He and his students generate solutions for Cross-Channel experiences for connected vehicles, driving desired outcomes for businesses and customers alike.


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