Customer-Centric Payment Innovations: The Right Digital Tools to Bring Revenue in Faster

This session explores how utilities have incorporated emerging digital bill payment methods such as digital wallets, contactless payments and voice or staff-assisted payments while also supporting customers who need financial flexibility now, and in the future. 


Digital options and advanced payment methods not only drive customer adoption and satisfaction, but also provide payment options that bring in much-needed revenue. Using technology to remind customers of payments and provide flexible payment options and innovative self-service enhancements is critical to navigating the balance of customer service and agency efficiencies. 


Speaker: Barbara Zickler

Regional Sales Director, Paymentus

As Regional Sales Director at Paymentus, Barbara Zickler serves as a key consultant to our prospects and clients. Barbara has 20 years of experience in the electronic billing and payments industry and employs a collaborative approach with our clients – working alongside them as they evaluate electronic billing and payment channels and presenting optimal solutions to support their goals.