View our current lineup of speakers for this year’s PowerUp Outage Conference below

Don Daigler
Resilience Executive Consultant, Chartwell, Inc.
Jenny Pearce
VP Reliability Assurance and Emergency Preparedness, Avangrid
Angie Gibson
VP Emergency Preparedness and Response, PG&E
Jason Regg
VP Security and Resilience, Tennessee Valley Authority
Valerie Dammann
Manager Project Execution/UAS Manager, ComEd
Rob Globocki
VP, Customer Experience and Billing Operations, Hydro One
Lorraine Gray
VP of System Control/Grid Control, Hydro One
Theodore Lyberogiannis
Director, Integration, Reliability & Emergency Management, Hydro One
Shantel Johnson
Sr. Manager, Marketing, Entergy
Tracie Boutte
Executive Advisor, Chartwell Inc.
Andrew Barrington
Manager, Products and Services, Avista Corporation
Nicholas Cross
Director of Customer Analytics, Consumers Energy
Tracy Carlson
Director, Customer Operations and Community Energy Services, SMUD
Jenna Lesch
Manager, Customer Strategy & Operations, SMUD
Vincent Marinas
Data Scientist, Consumers Energy
Ryan Keilen
Manager of Customer Data Analytics, Consumers Energy
Jacob Babb
Senior Emergency Preparedness Specialist, OPPD
Christian Jurcich
Emergency Preparedness Specialist, ComEd
Karlon Butler
Manager, Entergy
Katy Desjardins
Director of Customer Success, DataCapable
Graham Tickell
National Sales Manager, Customer Communications, KUBRA
Jay Malin
Founder & Managing Director, AGENT511