EMACS 2023

Agenda Highlights

View our current agenda highlights below:

Keynote – What, Why and “Wow!” – Unleashing the Power of Behavioral Science to Provide Unforgettable Customer Experiences
In this keynote session, a renowned behavioral scientist will provide you with practical insights, captivating real-life stories, and actionable strategies to improve your organization’s customer-centric approach.
Keynote – Data-Driven Decision Making, Customer-Focused Policies, and Executive Buy-In: The Journey of Tucson Electric Power
Discover how Tucson Electric Power (TEP) navigates the dynamic energy landscape by leveraging data-driven decision making, prioritizing customer-centric initiatives, and improving outage communications.
Keynote – Balancing Business Concerns with Serving Customers in Need: A Fireside Chat
Join Lisa Cagnolatti, Senior VP for Customer Service at Southern California Edison, and Tracie Boutte, Chartwell Executive Advisor, for a “fireside chat” on pressing concerns for…
Effective Customer Communication Strategies: Navigating Rate Increases and Promoting Understanding of Time-of-Use Rates
Join a panel of utility experts in a thought-provoking discussion on how to effectively communicate with customers about rate increases, time-of-use rates, and other rate-related topics.
A Modern Approach to eBill: TECO’s Success in Driving Digital Adoption
Don't miss this opportunity to uncover practical strategies from TECO's journey to enhance customer engagement and reduce costs through electronic billing.
Evolving Voice of the Customer Research in the Utility Industry: Anticipating Future Trends
Join this panel of VOC research veterans for an insightful session on the evolving landscape of Voice of the Customer (VOC) research in the utility industry.
Building the Future Energy System: SRP Leverages Customer Input and Advanced Analytics to Optimize Power System Planning
Attend this session to learn how, through a multi-phased, qualitative and quantitative research approach with residential customers, SRP was able to understand diverse customer viewpoints on…
Utility Executive Concerns in 2023 and Beyond: Navigating Resiliency, Rates and Rising Expectations
This panel of seasoned utility veterans will tackle the most pressing concerns facing utility leaders today, offering strategies and identifying opportunities to adapt to the changing…
From Feedback to Action: Creating a Comprehensive Strategy for Utilizing VoC Feedback to Enhance Customer Experience and Drive ROI
Join Southern California Edison's Customer Experience Insights and Strategy Team as they delve into creating a comprehensive VoC strategy for data-driven decision-making and improving customer experience.
A Driving Force for Change: Positioning Your Utility for the Growing Electric Vehicle Market
This panel discussion will bring together industry experts at the center of the important EV ownership transformation to discuss the many challenges and opportunities utilities face…
TEP Goes Door-to-Door to Support Customers Most in Need
Discover how Tucson Electric Power and UniSource Energy Services effectively supported low-income customers during the pandemic using a multi-pronged outreach approach.
Lessons on Keeping Your Business Customers Happy from California and Georgia
As utilities seek to protect their brand and to push customer centricity into every aspect of the enterprise, business customers provide an opportunity for either massive…
Insights from Evergy & Vistra: Increasing Customer Self-Service Adoption with Conversational AI
In this panel discussion, Evergy, Vistra and Interactions will share learnings from their implementation of Conversational AI to get ahead of some of the top utility…
From Challenges to Solutions: Chartwell’s Networking Roundtables
Chartwell’s roundtables provide conference attendees a singular opportunity to join industry leaders and peers for a focused discussion of common challenges facing utilities.
Nurturing Relationships at Every Step of the Customer Journey
Join Apogee to discover more cost-effective customer satisfaction and achieve program goals.
From Sci-Fi to Reality: How Utilities are Capitalizing on the AI & BI Revolution
This discussion with KUBRA focuses on the latest transformative event that is currently happening: the “democratization” of Artificial Intelligence, Business Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning.
Customer Vulnerability: Causes, Conditions and the Path Back to Stability
Chartwell will host a utility panel discussion that examines the causes and conditions that can lead to vulnerability, as well as highlighting some programs that assist…
Making Progress Toward Clean Energy: SMUD’s Clean PowerCity Campaign
Learn how SMUD is on a mission to provide 100% carbon-free energy to its customers by 2030.
TOU for All! Elevating the Customer Experience of Modern Rates
Join PSEG Long Island to learn why they won this year's Gold Award for Billing and Payment Programs for the development of their Time of Use…
PSE&G Increases Energy Efficiency with “Welcome to the Saverhood” Campaign
Learn about the campaign launched in March 2022 to raise awareness of the PSE&G’s energy efficiency programs by using a memorable and engaging look and feel…
ComEd’s Email Welcome Series for New and Relocating Customers
Hear from ComEd on the development of an award-winning email welcome series for new and relocating customers.
Duke Energy Leverages Mobile App Chatbbot to Address Top Customer Pain Points
Join this session to learn how Duke Energy Mobile App and Chatbot teams worked together to develop an award-winning chatbot to address top pain points.
Disrupting Customer Service: Energy Equity in Action
Learn how CPS worked to improve its customer service delivery and bridge its programs with regional nonprofit programs to build a community immersion strategy while emphasizing…
Expanding Customer Engagement Through High Performance Programs
During this session, Cinch will speak about solutions that are simple to implement and move the needle in support of these goals.
Transforming Digital Engagement: Delivering Customer-Centric Experiences that Increase Self-Service
Join this live session with InvoiceCloud to learn more about how utilities nationwide have leveraged the power of InvoiceCloud to drive better engagement across their customer…
Transforming Business Customer Relationships: Becoming a Trusted Advisor
During this panel discussion, learn how leading utilities are moving along the journey to become their business customers’ trusted energy advisor.
Powering the future of Mobility: How Total Experience connects Utilities and Electric Vehicles
Discover how Rightpoint’s Connected Experience solution helps to break down silos and create seamless experiences for utility customers.
The Role of CX in Getting More Customers on Time Varying Rates
This session with GridX will provide an overview of a handful of successful rate modernization efforts across North America, best practices for utilities considering similar initiatives…
Empowering Utility Call Centers: Leveraging Direct-to-Customer Digital Communications Technology for Enhanced Customer Engagement
Join Duke Energy and Message Broadcast by LINK Mobility to explore a compelling real case study showcasing the transformative impact of SMS and email communication technology…
How to Build a Customer-First Culture: Insights from Hydro One’s Journey
In this session, hear best practices and tales from the trenches on how Hydro One continues to enable a culture that empowers employees to provide fast…
Unlocking Success with Business Customer Panels, Advisory Boards, and Councils
In this session, learn from leading utilities on how they set up and manage their panels, how they incentivize business customers to participate, and which types…