Fleet Electrification – City of Austin Case Study

Date: Wednesday, November 15th

Time: 2 – 3 PM ET

**Please note: this webinar is complimentary.**

Jennifer Walls is the top executive of the City of Austin’s Fleet Mobility Services that manages 7,000+ fleet assets across 25 departments including public works, Fire, Police, and EMS, as well as Austin’s owned utilities — Austin Energy, Austin Water, and Austin Resource Recovery. With over 300 EVs and rapidly growing with a mandate to go 100% electric, Jennifer and her team have been at the forefront of fleet electrification. Karl Popham and his former team collaborated closely as the “Utility Trusted Advisor” throughout the process to include assessment, outreach, deployment, and e-Fuel operations. Together in this upcoming webinar they will chat about the barriers, lessons learned, the electric utility role, and real-world results of Austin’s shift to an all-electric fleet.

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Jennifer Walls
Director, Fleet Mobility Services, City of Austin
Karl Popham
Senior Consultant, Chartwell, Inc.