IVR Improvements Prioritize the Customer Experience

Within the utility industry, the IVR serves as a vital channel for bill payment, payment arrangements, and outage reporting. In this report, Chartwell uses benchmarks from consumer and industry surveys and interviews with utility and vendor subject matter experts to explore the ways in which utilities are enhancing their IVRs as they make a concerted effort to move more customers to self-service platforms while maintaining or even improving customer satisfaction.
Key Takeaways
  • An effective IVR implementation can cut costs, increase call containment, and raise CSAT scores.
  • Many customers prefer to self-serve, although some will always choose more personal interaction.
  • IVR improvements should have a measurable goal that benefits the customer, the utility, or, preferably, both.
  • Leadership buy-in for IVR improvement efforts is critical.
  • Removing unnecessary steps from an IVR transaction can increase containment rates and decrease task completion times.


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