Outage Communications Benchmarks Available on Chartwell’s Insight Center

Rebecca Harris, Data Analyst –

Chartwell’s latest report, 2021 Outage Communications Benchmarks, is now available on the Insight Center. The report shares findings from 2021 Outage Communications Benchmark Survey and shows trends in outage communications from 2018 to today.

According to the survey, utilities continue to employ more channels for outage communications, meeting customers on their channel of choice.

Digital channels are growing the fastest. The outage map, social media, mobile apps and text messages have cemented themselves as major outage communication channels alongside traditional channels like the website, call center and IVR. This reflects changes in consumer preferences for text messages and other digital communications.

Another area of growth is chatbots. At least 40% of respondents are extremely interested in or are already developing chatbot technology for communication via their IVR, website and text messaging.

Chartwell Insight Center members can read more about changes in the industry by downloading the 2021 Outage Communications Benchmarks.

If you’re interested in learning more about Chartwell’s benchmark surveys and how your utility can be involved, please contact Rebecca Harris at rharris@chartwellinc.com.