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Current Surveys

Business Customer Care Survey

This survey covers various topics, including segmentation, programs and services, communications, and staffing. The purpose is to determine industry-wide trends, best practices, and drive excellence in the utility industry.  

Anna Miller
Senior Research Analyst

Customer Service Benchmark Survey

This survey covers various topics, including metrics for contact centers and IVR, CRM and CIS systems and support, as well as contact center staffing.

Anna Miller

Outage Communications Benchmark Survey

This survey includes questions on ETR accuracy standards and improvements, channels for reporting and updates, major event vs. blue-sky/storm strategy, collecting customer feedback, and much more.

Ben Murdock
Senior Data Analyst

Billing Benchmark Survey

This survey covers a variety of topics, including metrics for eBill, mobile bill, and paper bill; billing exceptions and productivity metrics; bill alerts; and more.

Casey Collins
Research Analyst