Utilities share tips to help with winter bills

By Noah Solomon, Research Manager

As we move through the holiday season, especially one that looks to see people spending more time in their own homes than might be typical, utilities are seeing an opportunity to reach out to their customers on winter awareness. These communications campaigns include winter and energy-efficiency reminders to help proactively address potential future customer satisfaction issues that could arise from colder temperatures and higher bills.

One such campaign is being run by Snohomish Public Utilities District (SnoPUD), focusing on making its customers aware of “colder temperatures, shorter days and higher-than-normal energy bills.” Addressing both typical winter temperatures and weather events such as La Nina, the campaign is delivered to customers and those signed up for the utility’s newsletter via email. It includes a variety of solutions to these issues it raises: no-cost solutions including more hands-on thermostat adjustment to avoid incurring large costs, low-cost tips such as replacing air filters to improve energy efficiency and rebates and other options to aid in the purchase of smart and/or more efficient devices. By implementing this “all-of-the-above” approach, SnoPUD offers something for everyone to help adjust their habits and behaviors to save money this winter. Further embracing the spirit of the season, the campaign goes on to discuss its partnership with St. Vincent de Paul to help customers in need, especially during the holidays, as well as providing the details for customers to donate to Project PRIDE (Providing Relief for Individuals Dependent on Energy).

Overall, SnoPUD works through this communication campaign to help its customers save money, worry less about energy costs this season (and during the ongoing pandemic) and help those customers who are burdened by energy costs. For the utility’s customers, this just might serve as the holiday boost to customer experience they need in this unprecedented season.