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Tranzact is a utility-led benchmarking study that combines the results of post-outage transactional surveys from multiple utilities enabling them to compare their customers’ outage experience with peer utilities.

This study was developed by Chartwell in coordination with 6 utilities totaling over 14 million customers.

Tranzact focuses on benchmarking these core aspects of a customer’s outage experience:

Communicating with a customer during the outage
Timeliness of restoration
Overall satisfaction after the outage

Tranzact was developed for North American electric utilities looking to better understand and improve their customers’ outage journey by benchmarking their outage satisfaction surveys with other utilities.

Tranzact allows you to contextualize your customers’ outage experience by comparing your results with peer utilities from across North America.

Monthly reports allow you to track your utility’s performance over time, and quarterly calls give you the opportunity to learn from other utilities.

Tranzact benchmarks by utilizing a short online survey that can be emailed or texted to your customers after they experience an outage.

It can serve as a standalone survey, or if you are already fielding a post-outage survey, questions from Tranzact can be incorporated.