Making It Easy to Go Paperless

By Gary Stringham, Founder & CEO of Cubby Paperless –

Although the majority of our lives have gone digital, the vast majority of customers still refuse to sign up for paperless bills and statements as stated in this 2016 article on

“Despite the everyday use of email, only 12 to 15 percent of bills and statements are delivered electronically. Paper and postage cost businesses billions of dollars annually, so why are we still so tied to paper? Ask consumers, like we did, and you will find that they feel the electronic experience is not better than paper.”

Why is the paperless experience broken? I’ll use myself as an example. I’m the recipient of about 20 paper and 5 paperless bills and statements every month.

Companies constantly nag me to switch to paperless. But going paperless forces me to log in to each of the 20 different company websites each month, each with a different username/password and ways to find those statements.

In addition, most companies delete statements after one year, but some are needed longer for taxes, record keeping, etc. When an account is closed (e.g., due to a move) online access is immediately shut off, removing access to my personal data.

Current paperless solutions create more problems than benefits. After reading countless articles, looking at survey data, and talking to hundreds of people, I realized I’m not alone.

Companies obviously benefit from having their customers go paperless. That’s why they try so hard to get customers to switch. Fixing the paperless experience is an absolute win-win.

From feeling the customers’ paperless pain, and understanding companies’ ever-increasing paper billing costs, I invented a solution. All of my paperless bills and statements would be accessible in one place with one login. I obtained a patent and started Cubby Paperless.

Cubby’s mission is two-fold. 1) Remove customers’ paperless frustration so they can better manage their finances. 2) Lower the paperless conversion barrier for companies and improve their customers’ paperless experience.

Improving the paperless experience has become my passion. I’d love to hear your thoughts on ways to optimize the paperless experience. Drop me a line at