Key to driving self-service adoption is to first improve awareness

Your customer migration strategy should prioritize moving customers from high-cost interactions like calls, to lower cost, self-serve interactions via your website, IVR or mobile app.

Plus, Chartwell research shows that customer knowledge of self-service channels leads to an increase in perceived ease of doing business as well as CSAT.

But how do you drive awareness?

The key to awareness of self-service is to market its availability consistently throughout all customer interactions and outbound messaging. Make customers aware of web and mobile options in your IVR, call agent scripts, paper bills, inserts, payment locations, text messages, etc. Simply improving awareness of these channel options leads to increases in CSAT.

And self-service isn’t just for millennials. Your 50+ customers represent the highest area of growth for use of self-serve channels as the pandemic as forced them to adopt a new way of doing business. This “priming” effect means they have a higher propensity to want to try these channels to complete their transactions.

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Curious about the tangible benefits for members?

Read one member’s success story.

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