Keynote – What, Why and “Wow!” – Unleashing the Power of Behavioral Science to Provide Unforgettable Customer Experiences

Utilities today work hard to understand their customers, but in certain areas customer behavior can seem mysterious and inexplicable. Behavioral science can show us how emotions, peer expectations and environmental cues affect people’s viewpoints and decisions. More importantly, its lessons, drawn from diverse applications and industries, can provide the keys to delivering unforgettable customer experiences for utility customers. In this session, a renowned behavioral scientist will provide you with practical insights, captivating real-life stories, and actionable strategies to improve your organization’s customer-centric approach. Explore the strategic advantage of differentiation and learn to leverage a “What, Why, and Wow” framework to uncover hidden customer desires and shape your brand.


Andrea Belk Olson, CEO, Pragmadik

Andrea began her career building a tech startup from $10k in seed monies to a multi-million-dollar organization in only 8 years. She went onto serve as the first female corporate executive at multiple global companies, and an I-CORPS certified instructor with the University of Iowa’s Startup Incubator. Trained as a behavioral scientist, Andrea founded a strategic differentiation firm, specializing in helping multi-billion-dollar organizations compete through better understanding customers. Andrea is a contributing author for Harvard Business Review, Entrepreneur Magazine, Rotman Magazine, World Economic Forum, a Keynote presenter for national conferences, and a TEDx Speaker. She has published 3 books, most recently, “What To Ask: How To Learn What Customers Need but Don’t Tell You”, released June 2022.

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