The Perfect Storm: Lessons Learned from the Texas Winter Storms

When freezing temperatures caused record-breaking electric demand and massive power outages across Texas, utilities and their outage communications were called on to perform at their peak. Amidst the rolling blackouts and confusing messages from state-run organizations, utilities with comprehensive outage communications helped reduce customer uncertainty.

Join KUBRA as we share how outage maps, notifications, two-way messaging, and artificial intelligence came together to support customers in their time of need.

In this presentation, we share: 

–How outage communications were used by Texas utilities and customers.
–Which communication channels prevailed throughout the storm.
–What communications lawmakers want to see during future outages.


Colton Marshall, Product Manager, KUBRA IQ & IncidentWatch, KUBRA

Sebastian Clavijo Suero, Product Manager, Storm Center, KUBRA