‘Powering Progress’: PSEG Takes Brand Perception to New Heights

Powering Progress

Over the past six years, PSEG Long Island, a subsidiary of Public Service Enterprise Group Inc. (PSEG), has steadily risen from the very bottom of the J.D. Power indexes, after taking over management of Long Island’s electric power system after Superstorm Sandy. In 2019, after conducting extensive customer research, PSEG Long Island created dramatic human stories that stirred an emotional reaction in customers and ensured every customer across Long Island got the brand message they needed to hear. These efforts contributed to increased scores in all six of the major J.D. Power indices, and a move to the second quartile overall. 

This utility is taking home Gold in Chartwell’s Best Practices Awards for the Communications category.  

Speaker: Suzanne Brienza, Director of Customer Experience & Utility Marketing, PSEG 

In April, 2019 Suzanne Brienza became the Director of Customer Experience & Utility Marketing for PSEG Long Island.  She is responsible for various aspects of customer service including, but not limited to: Large Customer Support, Customer Relations, Customer Intelligence, Community Partnership Programs, Marketing, Economic Development, Customer Experience and Quality Assurance.  Suzanne has been a member of the Diversity & Inclusion Council since its inception and holds the role of Chair of the Diversity & Inclusion Recruitment Committee.