Evolving Voice of the Customer Research in the Utility Industry: Anticipating Future Trends

Join this panel of VOC research veterans for an insightful session on the evolving landscape of Voice of the Customer (VOC) research in the utility industry. Discover how utilities are adapting their research methodologies to meet the changing needs of customers in a rapidly transforming industry. In particular, the panel will explore key future trends, including the embrace of digital channels, personalized customer experiences, sustainability expectations, the rise of prosumers, and the integration of emerging technologies. Gain valuable insights into the future of VOC research and how it will shape customer-centric strategies, drive innovation, and enhance customer satisfaction. Don’t miss this opportunity to stay ahead of the curve and learn from industry leaders in the utility sector.


Jennie King, Principal Consultant, Chartwell, Inc.



Stacey Rosen-Sturgis, Voice of Customer Lead and Senior Advisor, SCE

Stacey Rosen-Sturgis is a seasoned professional with over 25 years of experience in Customer Care, recognized for her expertise in the Voice of Customer (VoC) program and closing the loop to deliver exceptional customer experiences. With a strong foundation in Customer Service at Southern California Edison for the past 13 years, spanning from billing operations to the Business Customer Division, as well as an active role in continuous improvement advocacy teams as a certified Green Belt, she has leveraged her experience and relationships across the company to operationalize customer feedback, leading to significant short- and long-term improvements and fostering a truly customer-centric organization. For the past 4 years, she has been leading the charge as part of the Customer Experience Insights team and successfully developed and implemented a comprehensive streamlined VoC ‘close the loop’ (CTL) strategy, effectively driving action and linking CTL actions to ROI.

Wayne Boone, Principal, Alabama Power

In his current role, Wayne is a member of the group focused on ADMS. More specifically, Wayne leads a team creating solutions for ADMS and OMS web information applications. Additionally, Wayne is a key member of the Outage Communications team. Prior to his current role, he led the Data Management Center of APC in the first complete statewide implementation of GIS. Wayne’s career in Information Technology spans almost five decades, his work has been directly focused on leading edge technology with a practical business solution focus. Wayne holds a degree in Business Administration from Faulkner University.

Valerie Williams, Senior Manager, VOC Program, Liberty Utilities

In 2021 Valerie developed and implemented Liberty’s VoC program; a program with a foundation built upon listening to customers with the goal to improve overall customer satisfaction and help gain insights into customer preferences, problems, and complaints.

While ‘Voice of the Customer’ is an established product, it is still relatively new to the industry and Val has implemented this program to maximize customer input and subsequently improve Customer Experience. Moreover, Valerie has taken the initiative to collaborate within the operational teams and call centers, working tirelessly to “close the loop” on poor experiences for both customers enterprise wide on all feedback channels. Her dedication and strategic approach have driven positive change while minimizing additional costs to operational departments.

Valerie’s commitment to Voice of the Employee (VOE) is evident through her creation of the ‘Share the Love’ program, which recognizes front line employees who receive exceptional feedback from customers. Furthermore, she actively supports women within Liberty and beyond, sharing her knowledge and experience while fostering strong relationships within the industry.

Val’s background as a charismatic and thought Leader spans out to companies like Motorola, BMO Harris Bank, Exelon and Southern Company Gas. 


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