Duke Energy Leverages Mobile App Chatbbot to Address Top Customer Pain Points

In response to a high volume of customers using the “Mobile App Feedback” feature to submit customer service-related inquiries, the Duke Energy Mobile App and Chatbot teams worked together to develop a chatbot to address top pain points. Released in April of 2023, the chatbot logged more than 280,000 user interactions and 104,000 chat sessions from 55,000 unique users in the first three months. Coupled with a redesign of the “More” screen, this feature has reduced customer feedback submissions by 90%. Duke Energy earned the Gold Digital Experience Award for the development of its new mobile app chatbot.


Lisa Cornwell, Product Manager, Duke Energy

Lisa Cornwell is a Product Manager specializing in mobile applications, digital strategy, people development, and bringing teams together. She is passionate about providing the best possible experience for customers and focuses on developing platforms that allow them to self-serve through digital channels. Current products in her portfolio include the Customer Mobile Application, the Inspector Portal, and the Builder Portal. Lisa won the James B. Duke Award for her work with the Customer Mobile Application. The award, presented annually, represents the company’s highest employee honor.

Karen Myers, Product Development Leader, Duke Energy

Karen Myers is a product development leader specializing in chatbots, VR/AR, virtual assistants, communications platforms, and digital channel strategy. She specializes in zero to one product development for digital customer experiences and emerging technology. Current products in her portfolio include internal and externally facing chatbots, virtual reality (VR), voice assistants, digital assistants, machine learning (ML), natural language processing and generation (NLP/NLU/GAI), and digital channel development at Duke Energy. Previous award-winning accolades include leading strategic corporate branding initiatives, digital advertising, and marketing campaigns, plus project managing executive strategy and multi-media communications campaigns.


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