CPS Energy Mobilizes Staff for Proactive Customer Outreach

2021 Chartwell Special Award Winner, COVID-19 Response


In the spring of 2020, members of the Customer Engagement team at CPS Energy started doing something they told customers they don’t do: They called them. After the kickoff of CPS Energy’s Customer Outreach Resource Effort (CORE), the utility’s Energy Advisors, Community Engagement team, and Key Account Managers contacted residential and commercial customers through outbound calls to help them identify utility assistance resources and city/county resources. After a full year of outreach, the team had a 62% success rate in speaking with customers called. Of the customers the team spoke to, 90% signed up for a payment arrangement and/or received agency assistance referrals. 


Speaker: DeAnna Hardwick

Vice President Customer Service, CPS Energy

DeAnna Hardwick oversees Customer Success, which includes Customer Experience, Customer Service, Metering Operations, and Customer Revenue. Previously, DeAnna led our Customer Experience efforts and served on a special assignment for the Office of the President. DeAnna started her career at CPS Energy in 2015 when she was hired to be a call center leader. Prior to joining CPS Energy, DeAnna spent 15 years working at various companies like Nationwide, where she was charged with delivering easy and exceptional customer experiences.