Chartwell, Inc. Electric Vehicle Leadership Council Drives Forward to Inaugural Meeting

North American Utility Experts Collaborate as Trusted Advisors in Transportation Electrification

Atlanta, GA – February 29, 2024 – Chartwell, Inc., a leading provider of utility industry research and best practices focused on customer-facing issues, will hold the inaugural meeting of the Electric Vehicle Leadership Council on March 14, 2024.  A prominent group of dynamic utility industry experts from across North America will convene to share best practices, address key challenges, and collectively shape the future of transportation electrification for customers and communities served by the electric utility sector.

Fortifying the Role as the Trusted Advisor
Committed to a steadfast mission to elevate the role as trusted advisors of transportation electrification on multiple levels, the Chartwell Electric Vehicle Leadership Council unites a diverse and proven team of innovative experts. From business strategists and marketing professionals to dedicated technical experts, each member holds a profound understanding of the evolving needs and expectations of today’s utility customers, community organizations and business partners.

The inaugural meeting is destined to be a spark that will drive a meaningful dialogue and transformative action. Members will examine key topics, including:

  • Infrastructure reliability and deployment
  • Grid integration and fleet electrification
  • Marketing and community outreach
  • Equity and multifamily support

EV Innovators and Leaders
The Council’s founding charter members represent a who’s who of leading utilities from across North America. Their collective dedication to transportation electrification is evident through their forward-thinking approaches and consistent record of success. Explore the full list of highly-regarded charter members here.

Collaborating to Drive Success in Transportation Electrification
By convening monthly and sharing the collaborative expertise of its members, the EV Leadership Council aspires to unite utility leaders to address rapidly changing developments and significant growth by discussing best-in-class strategies, best practices, effective programs, and critical lessons learned.

“Our founding utility members realize having a forum to learn from each other accelerates the wins and side-steps the landmines in the quickly evolving landscape of transportation electrification,” said Karl Popham, Chair of the Chartwell EV Leadership Council. “We are excited to be facilitating this passionate cohort to bolster their own efforts to be the EV trusted advisor to their internal and external stakeholders, that ultimately will have a positive impact on communities across North America.”

Popham is leading the Council with support from John Bord, Chartwell Senior Consultant. This dynamic team brings more than 40 years of combined utility industry experience in managing EV programs, marketing, and a deep understanding of research and strategy.  Karl co-founded and led the award-winning EV team at Austin Energy for over a decade, was a Principal Investigator on over 10 grant-funded projects, and championed innovation as the utility’s interim Chief Information Officer and leader of its Program Management Office.

To learn more about the inaugural meeting of the Council and the benefits of being a founding member, please contact Tim Herrick, Vice President of Sales and Marketing.