Business Customer Leadership Council Gears Up for Inaugural Meeting

Leading Utility Experts Unite to Elevate Business Customer Experience


Atlanta, GA – January 18, 2024 – Chartwell, Inc., a leading provider of utility industry research focused on customer-facing issues, will hold the inaugural meeting of the Business Customer Leadership Council on January 25, 2024, where prominent utility industry experts from across North America will convene to share best practices, address key challenges, and collectively shape the future of business customer experience in the ever-evolving utility sector.

Charting a Course for Customer-Centric Excellence

Established with the unwavering mission to elevate the customer experience for both managed and unmanaged business consumers, the Chartwell Business Customer Leadership Council brings together a diverse collective of expertise. From innovative strategists to dedicated business customer professionals, each member holds a deep understanding of the evolving needs and expectations of today’s utility business customers of all sizes, from the smallest to the largest key customers.

The inaugural meeting promises to be a catalyst for meaningful dialogue and transformative action. Members will delve into critical topics such as:

  • Classification, segmentation, and assignment of business customers
  • Moving from transactional to relationship management, i.e., growing proactive engagement
  • Measuring business customer satisfaction
  • Collecting and evaluating business customer VoC to develop actionable insights

A Roster of Industry Titans

The Council’s founding charter members represent a who’s who of leading utilities across North America. Their collective dedication to business customers is evident in their impressive track records and forward-thinking approaches. Explore the full list of 25+ esteemed charter members here.

A Shared Vision for a Brighter Future

By convening regularly and harnessing the combined intellect of its members, the Council aspires to unite utility business customer leaders in monthly collaborative meetings enabling best-in-class strategies, best practices, effective programs, and the sharing of lessons learned.

“The inaugural meeting of the Chartwell Business Customer Leadership Council marks a significant milestone in our industry’s journey towards customer-centric excellence for business customers with an emphasis on the SMB segment,” said Jennie King, Chartwell Principal Consultant. “We are confident that the collective wisdom and unwavering commitment of our charter utility members will pave the way for a brighter future where business customers thrive and utilities flourish.”

King is leading the Council with support from John Bord, Chartwell Senior Consultant. This team brings nearly 60 years of combined utility industry experience in managing commercial business accounts and teams, B2B marketing, and a deep understanding of customer experience research and strategy.

To learn more about the inaugural meeting of the Council and the benefits of being a member, please contact Tim Herrick, Vice President of Sales and Marketing.