‘Plugged In’: How Con Edison Shares its Brand Story and Connects with Customers via Podcast

According to Edison Research’s 2019 Podcast Consumer report, an estimated 62 million Americans ages 12 and older reported listening to at least one podcast within the last week, and their No. 1 reason for listening was to learn new things. With a growing audience eager for informative and interesting content, companies across industries have been launching branded podcasts over the last several years. In 2016, Con Edison launched its “Plugged In” podcast<https://soundcloud.com/con-edison>, featuring experts discussing everything from the history and evolution of the light bulb to how the utility monitors and protects the energy grid from solar flares.

Attend this webinar to learn how Con Edison uses its podcast to share information about new technologies, company workplace culture and changes in the energy landscape.


  • Sidney Alvarez – Media Relations Manager, Con Edison

Sidney is a multi-Emmy Award-winning television journalist, having worked with multiple media affiliates throughout the United States. He is responsible for media relations and social content strategies for Consolidated Edison of New York.  He also develops cutting-edge videos that entertain, educate, and inspire. He created and hosts the company’s 30-minute television show called "Plugged In" – which focuses on energy related topics impacting the daily lives of New Yorkers. He also hosts a monthly podcast of the same name.

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