EMACS WEBINAR SERIES: Achieving Behavioral Energy Efficiency at Scale for Gas Customers

Date: Tuesday, October 12 Time: 2 – 3 PM ET **As part of our EMACS series, this webinar is complimentary.**

In this webinar, learn how gas utilities SoCalGas and Columbia Gas of Ohio have successfully deployed residential behavioral Energy Efficiency programs. Gas utilities have an opportunity to leverage their meter data, be it monthly, hourly, or 15min in their digital communications which empower residential customers to take control of their energy usage especially during the winter. This improves customer satisfaction and establishes a closer relationship between customers and their utility.

● Overachieving Savings Targets ● Digital Customer Engagement ● Customer-Centric Strategies ● Meter-Based Analytics for Gas Customers ● Speed of Adoption

  • Scott Johnson – Vice President, Chartwell, Inc.
  • Dr. Maria Liza Legaspi - Energy Management Supervisor, SoCalGas
  • Ryan Stredney - Program Manager, Columbia Gas of Ohio
  • Pauline Marcou, S&G Manager, Bidgely
control energy use customer communications customer experience digital communications meter data webinar