Customer Experience Metrics: Preparing for the Customer of the Future – 2018

As ideas about customer experience change, so do the metrics utilities use to measure customer experience. Utilities have a plethora of options to measure customer experience, including outside sources like J.D. Power and internal customer satisfaction surveys. In recent years, utilities have added customer effort scoring and net promoter scoring to the set of metrics they have historically used, such as customer satisfaction and first contact resolution. More utilities also are focusing on voice of the customer and employee engagement data to dig deeper into the components of more surface-level scores.

Chartwell’s 2017 Customer Experience Survey was designed to provide members with a better map to the shifting landscape of customer experience in the utility industry. This report uses data from that survey to track the industry’s use of different CX metrics. It also discusses how well each metric measures growth in key CX areas.

This report is exclusive to the members of Chartwell’s Customer Experience Leadership Council.