A Fractured Bill-to-Payment Experience May Be Obstructing Your Cash Flow

Heightened consumer awareness, new technology and environmental pressures are all strong catalysts for change in the utility industry. Utilities are now focused on enhancing the customer experience, as well as actively managing customer engagement and retention. However, certain customer journeys are yet to be overhauled – such as the billing-to-payment process. Various projects over the years may have modernized parts of the billing, payment and collections process, but it is rarely addressed as a cohesive customer journey. 

The billing-to-payment process makes up a significant portion of a utility’s regular touchpoints with a customer. The components of this journey need to be streamlined to remove the friction points that cause a fractured customer experience. 

• Not enough attention is given to the bill-to-payment customer journey, resulting in a fractured customer experience.
• It's clear that customers want digital communication, including electronic bills and easy payment methods.
• Collections notices are often neglected as a touchpoint and should be treated as part of a cohesive customer journey.

During this webinar, Striata will outline ways in which utilities can shift to a customer-centric billing-to-payment process, which will increase engagement and result in real business benefits such as reduced DSO and improved cash flow.


  • Elizabeth Stephen, Vice President of Customer Engagement, Striata, The Americas

Elizabeth Stephen is the VP of Customer Engagement for the Americas, overseeing all commercial business and channel management in North and South America. For the past decade, Liz has managed teams of sales groups both nationally and internationally. She has a true passion for helping customers identify their needs and consulting with them to help fill those needs. Since joining Striata, Liz has taken a keen interest in Customer Communications Management (CCM) and helping clients utilize digital communications to meet their CX goals.

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