Council Forum

Council Forum Rules & Guidelines

Forum Rules

Please Do:

If you have a question, ask it! This forum provides a place for you to seek information, help and advice from your council peers, who wield a wide range of expertise and represent many years of experience in the industry.

If you have an answer, share it! Feel free not only to answer your fellow members’ questions, but also to post any updates, successes or lessons learned so that your peers can learn from you.

Try doing a search, first. Before asking a question, please search the forum to see if it has been asked before. The answers you are looking for may already be here!

Be respectful. We know that we don’t need to ask this, but please be respectful of others. If their question wasn’t asked clearly, or if their answer was vague, ask for clarification. Differing opinions provide opportunities to learn.

Please Don’t:

Stray outside the topic area. Please try to restrict your questions to the topic of your leadership council.

Promote a cause. The discussion forum should not be used for fundraising, political advocacy, or commercial promotion.

Ground Rules:
  • These are private forums for employees at utilities who are council members. Chartwell reserves the right to disable forum privileges of anyone not abiding by these rules.
  • The discussion room is moderated, which means that new posts are reviewed by Chartwell staff prior to appearing in the forum.
  • The forum moderator and website staff reserve the right to edit or remove any posts for reasons including factual errors, commercial solicitation, partisan advocacy, or unacceptable behavior.
  • We will not send you email notifications of forum posts unless you opt to receive these, and we will not share your email address with anyone else.
  • We don’t allow anonymous posts.