Keynote Discussion: Think Fast, Innovate Faster: Trends, Tips and Tools to Succeed Post-Pandemic 


The digital consumer is here ahead of schedule thanks in part to COVID’s impact on digital transformation. During this keynote session, Chartwell will share its latest research on utility customers’ expectations and preferences. Thought leaders will discuss their strategies going forward and offer tips on how to fully leverage Chartwell as a trusted industry partner.  


Moderator: Scott Johnson

Vice President, Chartwell, Inc.

Scott oversees Chartwell’s Data Analytics and Research initiatives as well as content development for conferences, leadership councils and other events. An accomplished researcher, editor and facilitator, he joined Chartwell in 2006 as a senior research analyst and launched the company’s Outage Communications efforts. He was promoted to Director of Research in 2011 and Vice President in 2014. Scott frequently presents Chartwell’s latest research at utility industry conferences.



Stacey Bailey

Vice President, Chartwell, Inc.  

Stacey is responsible for the daily production of the research products and events that Chartwell offers. In her many capacities at Chartwell over the years Stacey has a proven track record in all facets of research, implementation, sales and marketing, customer experience, retention, product management, including data-driven research and VOC, design. Stacey has been in the utility industry for a number of years. Prior to her work with Chartwell Stacey held several management positions at Allstate ranging from Product Manager and Territory Manager to Product Management in Data and Analytics. Stacey brings ample experience of accomplished sales and marketing as well as product development achievements to the team at Chartwell.  


John Bord

Manager, Customer Experience, Tucson Electric Power  

John is responsible for understanding the company’s residential, multicultural, and commercial customers through primary research initiatives, market segmentation, journey mapping and business intelligence.  John leads CX efforts to identify and remove customer pain points across customer interactions in energy efficiency programs, renewables, billing and payments, managed business accounts, transmission and distribution, customer service and call center communications. 


Tim Melton

Manager, Customer Commitment, LG&E/KU  

Tim is responsible for several customer experience initiatives through the customer complaint resolution and management of all lowincome programs for LG&E and KU Energy subsidiaries Louisville Gas & Electric and Kentucky Utilities. Having worked over 30 years in the utility industry, he has expertise in customer complaint prevention and resolution, customer communications, and building strategic partnerships internally and with external agencies and organizations that interact with LG&E and KU.